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Our Story

Our Story

“Be nice, ride a bike, repeat.”

Our story started off riding bikes in the neighborhoods of Scarborough as kids. As we entered adulthood, bikes started to feel exclusive, something only for the privileged – fancy bikes, clubs, lycra, gear and special shoes. It was a transition that we didn’t even notice, we just didn’t feel that it was a space for us. There weren’t people that looked like us, had bikes like ours.

In 2018, we explored and rediscovered this sense of belonging and the love for riding came with. The No Club Cycling Club. 

 Those first few rides were magic. From raging streams, to calm green pastures, to trees racing to the skies above…and old bikes. We had stumbled on an entire new world – one that rooted us in gratitude. Gratitude for the people that come before us, the beautiful landscapes we traverse, and the future of adventure cycling.

We share our rides and the builds ferry us through these incredible experiences to support the idea – cycling is for everyone & no adventure is too small. This is a place for everyone.

See ya on the trails.

– Gurinder & Jimmy 

Our Team

Jimmy Judgey

Yo! I’m Jimmy. I’ve loved bikes as long I can remember, my grandfather and I would spend our days in the garage working on bikes the neighbours had trashed, and then shred the trails with them. I’ve been wrenching bikes in Toronto bike co-ops for the last 10 years, wouldn’t be here without it. 

Gurinder Sandhu

I’ve been riding bikes for the last 8 years and telling stories one shutter click at a time. As a self-described newbie to the cycling world, I know how intimidating it can be firsthand, but I’ve also felt the warmth this community has to offer. Here’s to learning & growing together.